14 July 2016

Digital Illustration for the wedding Planner

A Digital Illustration for a weddinng planner with Alice in the Wonderland Theme.
Here we present to you "~JLO in Wonderland~"

15 December 2012

CL wedding Drawing - From UK

Customer Feedback :-

Thank you so much, this is brilliant!

BW wedding illustration - From UK

Customer Feedback :-

"Thank you so much – it’s incredible! My clients will love it and I hope to be able to use it to get more work for you and me in the future!
If you require any references, just ask!
Best wishes and thank you,

22 February 2012

USA Couple - Portrait Illustration

Customer Feedback :-

 Hi John and Shirley –

 No worries and thank John for his swift work. I’m a big fan and I appreciate that he can finish in time.

That picture is sooo coool. Thank you so much. They will love it. Really. Thanks John!

Warm regards,

15 February 2012

Maarten & Llse Wedding Comic


Feedback from the customer from Holland  :-
Hi Shirley –

Thank you! I’ve downloaded the file.
 Please thank John for creating these beautiful pages, we love it :)
 Looking forward to the poster ..

Kind regards,